Posted by: hamede | March 9, 2007

I moved

I just moved to,



  1. ALF ALF mabroook

  2. Thank you qwaider.

  3. HEEEEY, congrats man 😀
    welcome to WP club 😉
    u’ll love it 🙂

  4. welcome…much better choice 😀

  5. Happy Hamede Blog

    Happy Hamede Day

  6. maioush thank you v m.

  7. Abed thank you my friend and happy hamede blog day.

    Happy Hameede day,
    we inshalla kol ayamak tkoon hamede day,
    be7keelak marra wa7ad hameede 2abal wa7ad hameedak !!
    beh beh beh !!

  9. Abu el sharif.
    thank happy day.

  10. hamede…esh ya3ne hamede day? mz7a ya3ne?
    anyway mbrooooook 😉

  11. Eman
    Hameede kalema men maqta3 aw maqta3een,
    wa ta3ne el inshe6ar el Hameede lal kaynoona el insaniya,
    e7na bne7tefel be hameede day men ella ?

  12. eman hamede is my family name,hamede day is something i just start to say and been approved by abed hamdan,abu el sharif,sharifo,thank you eman.

  13. Sharifo,thank you.

  14. مبروك ومنها للاكبر ان شاء الله، لو لو لو يش يش يش

  15. Homma sharifo we abu el sharif gheir ba3ad ??!!
    HEEEEEEEEEE 3indi enfesam ya ged3a :nuts:

  16. Congrats man! it’s definitely better than Maktoob. mabrook

  17. nobody speaks

    it’s Hamede Day..

    Happy Hamede Day…people don’t talk on Hamede Day… 😀

  18. Abu shakuush hala 3ame.

  19. sharifo it is ok.

  20. omar thank you.

  21. Abed yes i am with you.

  22. Hamede,
    mnawar ya 7ag wallahi..wordpress ba2et spicey 😀

    Sharifo..tab3an ba3d elenfesam ba2eet wa5ed balak ,wa5ed balak 😛

  23. Hala be rasha hala.

  24. Nice mabroook 🙂

  25. Thank you Qabbani.

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