Posted by: hamede | March 14, 2007

Halwasat hamede

1-Few women admit their age.

Few men act it.

2-If nothing sticks to teflon how do they make it stick to the pan.

3-What makes men chase women who the have no intention of marrying?

The same instinct that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention to drive.

4-Indians discovered columbus.

5-Never smack a man who.s chewin tobacco.

6-If bush were captain of the titanic he will say we were stopping for ice.

7-If love is the answer could you rephrase the question.

8-Old age isn,t bad when you consider the alternative.

9-What do elephants use for tampons.


10-Support mental health or i,ll kill you.



  1. LOOOOOOOOL hamede number 1 is mn el akher 🙂
    Man I can’t believe you actually said number 9 LOOOOOOOOL 😀

  2. دمت بخير وتقبل تحياتي جيت أصبح وأقولك صباح الفل ..يا عم روووح كله انجليزي ما فيش حاجة عربي

  3. Thank you maioush,glad you like.

  4. Thank you magda,you are welcome here.

  5. Number 3, men chase women to take them for s test drive, and then decide to marry or not to marry 🙂

  6. Abu shakuush.
    man i feel your life is in danger,the ladies gonna kill you.

  7. yes we will hamadeh..fear for your life abu shakosh 🙂

    nice post

  8. Ouch,thank you jumana welcome to halwasat.

  9. LOOL

    nice LOOOOOOL

  10. Thank you Qabbani.

  11. hamede’s wisdom :0) I liked the new place for the blog..very elegant Hamede.

  12. Thank you redrose.

  13. hahahahaha..i love ur halwasats.

    (OMG..i just found out wat tampon measns)

  14. Hi afzal.long time no see.

  15. he..he..he…
    really nice ……

  16. Kayan.thank you welcome here.

  17. Heyy Hamede mabrouk the new blog 🙂
    i do miss you halwasat a lot glad i catch you again
    be fine friend

  18. Hi sarah.long time no see.

  19. LOOL
    missed ur halwasat hamede..
    So darn smart and funny 😀

  20. Ya hala be rasha.

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