Posted by: hamede | March 19, 2007

Blogger for the parliament

Do you think it is a good ideia for blogger to run for the parliament in jordan.



  1. Absolutely … in fact, we should all vote for them and make an online campaign … but due to the age restrictions (for parliament) I doubt many people will qualify

  2. Sure it is a good idea. We should vote for a representative 🙂

  3. i like to talk about politics but i do not like to be in politics…so do not nominate me!!

  4. It is a good idea, but where can find a blogger with a huge tribe who also doesn’t have a stronger opponent (cousin!) ?

    show him to me and I’ll back him up with all the power I got! 🙂

  5. LooL

    so its going to be federalism too

  6. It is a very good idea, if a blogger runs for a seat he/she will have my vote.

  7. 🙂 what an idea!

  8. Qwaider,you got a point.

  9. the observer,yes thank you.

  10. Abu shakuush,ok you are not nominated.

  11. Omar,may be.

  12. hatem abunimeh,thank you.

  13. jumana thank you.

  14. Qabbani no way.

  15. YES

  16. Abed yes yes.

  17. I agree with you abed,

  18. Thank you sharifo.

  19. I don’t know about jordan..but if that happened in egypt he would really be a traitor of all values i beleive in!!

  20. Why ya rasha why.

  21. yes yes yes..I vote for Batir Wardem.

  22. redrose, good choice.

  23. Dear Hamede
    Ramadan Mubarak for you and your family
    May Allah bless you all and shower you with his mercy and forgiveness

  24. Thank you sarah same to you.

  25. well.would you vote for me?

    kol saneh w inta b khair

  26. Ya mala2e6, tab3an ,and thank you mabrook your ramadan,

  27. Ramadan Mubarak hamede, o yen3ad 3alaik be se7a wel barakeh.
    I think some bloggers do qualify for the parliament and u can see it in the nature of their blogs (honestly I don’t find myself one of those, what do u think hamede?).
    If they ask me to vote for falafel, I’d say why not, how the brain would function without falafel, it would be msa7 se7, but eza dabastha falafel ya m3allem, 5odlak tas6eel 😉

  28. Jerusalem,thank you like wise.
    I agree with you.

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