Posted by: hamede | March 31, 2007

You have to move to montreal

Boss: johnson,we giving you a promotion but you have to move to montreal.

Johnson: montreal!!

“nothing comes from there except hookers and hockey players!”

Boss: listen pal,my wife comes from there!

Johnson,without missing a beat replies.

”no kidding!what position does she play?”



  1. Let me guess… “Third Base” 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha i got you qwaider.

  3. haha….well hookers and hockey players are very much the same thing……they both work hard for their money……and i do mean HARD 🙂

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL, that was funny 😀

  5. Abu shakuush heard that.

  6. Maioush,glad you like it.

  7. hilarious.

  8. Moa no1,thank you.

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