Posted by: hamede | April 6, 2007

Jordan the country of corruption

Too bad oll the people who know how to run  the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair.



  1. You gotta be kidding me?
    Ok cabbies are the best ever, they are geniuses, God’s gift to Jordanians, they know it all,outspoken, charismatic, smart,athletic,smell nice….but even I crazy Firas think they shouldn’t, and the reason is: They truly run the country, they get things(and people) moving, they are the soldiers behind the scenes, I mean who else would warn Jordanians of the next earthquake happening at 3:16 am on April 23,2007 ?

  2. Thank you Firas,yes who else would warn you.

  3. House warming gift!! 😀
    Enough with the moving…

  4. Hi wonders,long time no see 5alas enough moving.

  5. jordan the best country in world but
    as you know abed there’s some condition take the bodies left the jordan and never look behind them
    the one of these condtion political asylum.
    our dream the “jordan should becom

  6. Hala ahmad i agree with you.


    fahem gasdak wallah…

    fi3lan el 7allagaan wl shofereeyeeeh laazem eydeero el balad..befhamo b kolshi

    3arasi hal post LOOL

  8. Thank you abed my man.

  9. Hamede..I absolutely agree with you on that,everytime I travel to Jordan,the only people that make sense and logical arguments about the situation in Jordan are the Cab drivers and Hair Stylists,and I always make sure to take the time and talk to them.

  10. Alurdunialhurr.
    Thank you yes me 2.

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