Posted by: hamede | April 19, 2007

What does saleh gallab and tina turner have in common.


i am you,r private dancer i dance for money any music will do.

Qallab: i am you,r private writer i write for money any pen will do. 



  1. I have one … I have one ….

    A big head with fake hair on it?

  2. Saleh Turner and Tina Gallab! you are hilarious man!

  3. HAHA!

  4. Qwaider,good one.

  5. Sel3,thank you.

  6. omAr,glad you like.

  7. this is funny!!
    just passing by to say hello and pay you a short visit..i realized that i do not visit you enough!! sorry!

  8. LOL

  9. Thank you summer.

  10. Lol abed hala 3ami.

  11. ma3ahom ma3ahom 3alehom 3alehom..2na el gallab 🙂

  12. So true Red rose thanks.

  13. hamede: i am your private blogger i write for recognition any stupid post will do.

  14. good one hamede 🙂

  15. Til7as ta teshba3.
    What you do working for the IRS are you the assistant janitor.

  16. Jumana thank you.

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