Posted by: hamede | April 26, 2007

You are no longer “cool” when…………..

1 You find yourself listening to talk radio.

2 The pattern on your shorts and couch match.

3 You fondly remember your powder blue leisure suit.

4 You turn down free tickets to a rock concert.

5 When grass is something that you cut,not cultivate.

6 When jogging is something you do to your memory.

7 Rocking all night means dozing off in your rocking chair.

8 Sex becomes “all that foolishness”

9 Getting a little action means your prune juice is working.

10 All the cars behind you turn on their headlights.

11 You remember the “rolling stones” as a rock group, not a corporation.

12 You bought your first car for the same price you paid for your son,s new running shoes.



  1. Thx God! I’m still cool 🙂

  2. Yugi.
    Good for you.

  3. lool..hamede

    the title should be “you know you are old”

    Getting a little action means your prune juice is working

    hay looool..ya 7aram..when u think of it..hoe much do we things that really mattered don’t matter at all and we are now worrying about things that were so natural when we were young..

    i hope i will reach this stage..(ya3ni ma amoot bakeer abl ma ashrab prune juice lool)

    thanks hamede for sharing

  4. Hala mala2e6,thank you.

  5. lol!! I would kill myself before becoming this person.

  6. Wonders.
    No need to kill you,r self it part of life.

  7. heheheh nice one ! I might have a post regarding the matter and premalink it to your blog ! 😉 if you don’t mind of course ! 🙂 So tell me hamede, how many of those apply to you ? 😛

  8. Munther.
    Yes you can,how many apply to me,no4-6-7-10.thank you.

  9. lol@#9 😀

  10. Hi mo you like.

  11. Whew, only 6 and 11 apply. Sorry I missed this one!

    There is a different list for women, I’ll have to find it!

    I remember being 16 and thinking “Oh, those poor 25 year old ‘has-beens’!!

    Hamede, are you stifling a laugh at ‘wonders’ comment? 🙂

  12. Ya kinzi.we need the list for women,wonder,s comment makes you sit up and take notice,good laugh thanks.

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