Posted by: hamede | May 3, 2007

Ahmad oweidi al abbadi in jail.

Al abbadi been arrested for insulting the interior minster eid al fayez,and the jordanian gov,he is the leader of what so called-jordan national movement- have a good time in al jwidah rest house.



  1. I think this is another stupid move of our government, first of all I’m sure that Mr. Abbadi insulted the Minister, but I hoped that he would turn a blind eye to this and democratically forget it, in fact, Mr. Abbadi is not popular and his opinions are often contradictory and unstable, so why the government is so interested on this man and try to make him a martyr?

  2. Yugi.
    It is difficult to accept criticism from someone who preaches about hate and racism,and why tha gov interested in him,i think if you go to you may find something,and thank you for you,r comment.

  3. Yep, stupid gov is a good match for stupid ppl

  4. one ofakind.
    I agree thank you.

  5. Good its about time someone puts a socket in this guys mouth, he has been allowed to talk too much. I think the government and rightly so has had enought.

  6. Just wanted to say hi 🙂

    Best Regards…

  7. Marwan Asmar.
    ya thank you.

  8. Fantasia.
    Hi ya hala and thank you.

  9. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    فقط تحذير للنـــاس المقصودين

    شكرا أخوي في الله حامد
    والله يصلح الأحوااال

    دمت بطاعة الله

  10. “allowed to talk too much”, Marwan, have you ever heard of freedome of speech !!!!!!!!!

  11. Abdullah,thank you.

  12. I wonder about these sick people who accuse this stupid guy of racism I dont care about him I am just mad about betrayals in Jordan accuse every patriotic Jordanian of being racist …..well I find that you are people racist ……Patriotic people have the rights to defend the demographic and voting power balance in their country …the one who want to break this balance is the racist here so could you please stop it !!!

  13. Sereena7, thanks god for you,r save landing, any way read my comment to yugi and be cool like swiming pool.

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