Posted by: hamede | May 7, 2007

To do is to be.

To do is to be-descartes.

To be is to do-voltaire.

Do be do be do-frank sinatra.



  1. And of course the famous … to be or not to be

  2. nice… i don’t know which one is right.. but both makes sense 🙂

  3. ya thats 2 thank you qwaider.

  4. Maioush i think the all good,thanks.

  5. el tita fi nanna, wil nanna fi teeta. Adel Imam.

  6. globalorama good one,thank you.

  7. And there’s “Scooby dooby do”

  8. Who-sane ya thats to,thanks.

  9. Ok that confused me until I reread it 3 times ! Clever post ! I guess that serves me right for showing you the video 😉

  10. Munther,yes yes i agree.

  11. Descartes is goal oriented, Voltaire relationally oriented; Sinatra: balanced!

  12. Kinzi, awesome thank you.

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