Posted by: hamede | May 17, 2007

Tagged by mala2e6.


My simple pleasures.

1-Waking up a live.

2-Waking up hour and 1/2 befor work.

3-Drink my 2 cups of black coffee.

4-Not having any problem in the morning.

5-Blogging oll day mostly reading.

6-Not to eat in the building i work.

7-Talking to my wife and kids on the phone.


9-Watching a movie.

10-Go to sleep by mid night.

I tag the drivel of 2 bahrainis.

Thank you mala2e6.



  1. Great list! Not one surprise, good encouragement to be thankful for no problems!

  2. hey nice list you’ve got here..

    #7 is so adorable…Alla ykhaleelak yahon 🙂

  3. Thank you kinzi.

  4. Ya jumana howa al wahad sho elio ela huma thank,s.

  5. Waking up a live…. fi3lan it’s agreat bless..nice list Hamede.

  6. Thank you Red Rose.

  7. simple! Yet with a great effect, good for you

  8. Thank uoy sel3.

  9. Nice list. I’d love to wake up earlier than work but i just can’t wake up until i am shocked by how late i am!

    God bless you and your family

  10. Thank you ya wonders.

  11. thanks alot for answering the tag Hamede

    your list is very simple yet very important..sometimes we take things for granted and we only appreaciate them when we miss them

    hope you always enjoy ur little pleasures

  12. Thank you mala2e6 for the tag have a good day.

  13. My friend Hamid
    nice list, I wish you a happy times

  14. Eman thank you.

  15. hamede kefk???/
    hay ana ktbt post kamil 4 you!
    be happy
    and wish you will like it

  16. Hi eman thank you and good luck to you 2.

  17. Great list. Simple, with great feelings 🙂

  18. Fantasia,thank you.

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