Posted by: hamede | June 13, 2007

Who to blame.





  2. whome do u blame??
    i can’t decide .. this is so bad .. this situation will lead Gaza to another bad one but this time it will be worse .. this is so bad .. if only we know what is going on .. i got a clue but i’m not sure about it .. is it Fate7?? can we blame them?? i don’t know

  3. globalorama,what that have to do with this post.

  4. Bara2 i blame fate7.

  5. fatah and hamas……….BOTH

  6. Fateh…it had its chances under the presidency of Yaser Arafat (r)….it obviously blew its time to let hamas do things its way..and perhaps we can see something positive.Of community hav to butt out of palestinian affairs and stop picking sides.

  7. afzal i agree.

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