Posted by: hamede | June 25, 2007

The new face of palestinian betrayal by Ben Heine.




  1. banana republic…nice. but looool at the banner on the top of your page, ma ye3demni hal de7ke ya rab.

  2. Thanks my dear.
    So terrible what the West is doing to Palestine.

  3. حماس مدعومة من سوريا
    وإذا كان حدا مفكر إنو ممكن نتخلى عن حماس فهو غلطان…
    والسوريين رح يعملوا المستحيل حتى ما تفشل حكومة حماس الشرعية.

    وانا متأكد إنو هل المشكلة رح تمر ورح يرجع الفلسطينية مع بعض من جديد..

  4. i don’t know why we are always convinced that somebody is doing something to us
    نظرية المؤامرة
    we are doing this to ourselves! even worse if they are (US & Israel) doing this, are we this naiive and stupid to go along with it!!?

  5. LOL


    that banana must be into abu mazin’s ass

  6. loooooooool 3la el pics w loooooooool 3la el comments … one more things wonders: yes .. they plane and we go after them this is the truth ..

  7. sweet bara2 i have to disagree with you. i don’t think anybody has anything to do with the war between hamas and fateh except those two parties.

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