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I got married 7 years ago,i met my wife by accident in 1998 on a trip to jordan it had been 10 years since i had been there last.i met her at my father,s house,and it turned out our family grew close to her family while  i was away .that day i was coming the 30 miles from my father,s farm she was already at the House having coffee with my sisters as well as hers,i was invited to join them so i did,i asked my sister if it would be appropriate to ask her out to lunch, she said it was ok,so after that lunch and few more we really grew to like each other.

I returned to the US ,but we kept in touch the whole time letters,calls,and messages.

she,s the most outstanding person i have ever met,intelligent wise very much loving life not to mention gorgeous,something inside told me i needed to get to know her better, in 1999 i came back to jordan and we got engaged .

After all of my parents failed attempts to find me a wife,the wife i chose i met at my parents house,i saw so many women that my parents had tried to set me up with,but they overlooked summer, maybe she was too close to the family, summer was very close to my mom, after hearing our news my mom felt fulfilled.

We got married in the year 2000 the new millennium we had an amazing wedding.

We share everything, i am not a man she is not a woman,but we are equal partners,we discuss everything as soon as it,s important,we never let anything build up inside of us,we discuss everything money,decisions no matter how small or unimportant it may seem,because of this we have not had a fight in seven years,now we have two beautiful girls.

My advice to unmarred people take things slow,think it is a commitment,if you,r not ready for such a job,you shouldn’t,t take it,its not fair to bring children into this world,if you,re not ready and willing to take care f them.

Love is more than a feeling, it,s a choice.

Thank you kinzi.



  1. Added the link to the article here

  2. Hamede, I love your marriage stroy ;).. Allah ye’7aleeekum laba3d ow ma ye7rimkum.. Ameeen 😉

  3. aw so sweet! allah yakhallkom laba3ad inshallah:)
    coincidence meetings are the best:)

  4. Thank you qwaider,alah yeb3atlak bent al 7alal.

  5. secratea thank you and welcome to my halwasat.

  6. sam thank you and welcome to my halwasat.

  7. Nice Hamede!! i like your story and thanks for the wisdom too! It takes two to make a great or bad marriage and communication is always the key!

  8. summer true and thank you.

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! We got the STORY as well as the advice!! I love how outstanding, intelligent, loving life came before gorgeous in your choice of superlatives, that should encourage every single out there too!

    What a God-thing, there she was, getting to know your family as well, and if your mom loved her, what a done-deal.

    Thanks so much for participating, an dI’m so glad you were so generous with words. 🙂 Greet that great wife of yours!!

  10. Thank you kinzi.

  11. Hi kinzi and thank you.

  12. wow Hamede..I didn’t expect that Hamede is romantic like this..wonderful..wise..touchy..god bless her and your kids . wish you the best.

  13. Yes redrose hamede is abu al romantic,wa thank you thank you.

  14. Hi Hamede..
    Where have you been ? Didn’t see you on our blog for a while ! We missed you 🙂

    Amazing story man and thanks for the tips, I really think that they are useful since I am at that stage of my life 🙂

  15. Hi munther thank you i will be their and good luck my man.

  16. that’s so sweeeeeet! Allah y5alekom la b3d o bless your two angels.
    it is really a very nice story.. i like the advice you gave on taking your time, this is what i am doing now, so after reading your post i’m more confident about my decision. THANKS

  17. Mashallah , man, allah ye7fazkom la ba3ad ya rab…

  18. Wonders thank you and good luck from all of us.

  19. Fantasia thank you alah ya3teke 7ata yerdeke.

  20. thanks for share it : )

  21. Qabbani thank you wa al3ugbal 3andak.

  22. hamede
    waw wala mra 7asetk 3ameeq hal2ad:)
    aywa hek show us this sid of you ya zalame dimn ma bfhmk ana!
    and say hi to ur wife:)
    nshala ya rab btdalo heek mtfahmeen:)

  23. ele beshoofak bet7ashesh leel nhar…ma be7ke be6la3 menak kol hada…
    mashi tle3et romance we 3amel zai aflam el Romantic suspence..
    wallah ya jama3a el zalama tele3 begool…
    bas balla ma katabto wenta sa7e hada ?!

  24. Hi eman thank you she said thank you to you.

  25. Sharifo thank you ya kunt sa7e.your comment have spam.

  26. Ya Allah ya hamede, I missed alot being busy and away…
    May Allah bless you, your wife and your beautiful daughters 🙂
    That’s the most beautiful marriage story I’ve ever heard and by the way I agree with your advice 100%, one of the reasons I’m not rushing. Marriage is a commitment that should be made if and only if the right person was found.

  27. great
    allah y5alekom laba3ad ..
    i really like the story

  28. hamede that was so sweet..i love it when a man appreciates his wife ..

    الله يخليكم لبعض و ان شاء الله دايما مبسوطين

  29. Jerusalem thank you and welcome back i agree with you.

  30. bara2 thank you.

  31. mala2e6 alah yeb3atlek abn al 7alal wa ya3teke 7ata yerdekee.

  32. No way!!!! I cant believe its hamede who wrote this!!! unbelievable !!! be6la3 minnak wallah!

    That was really nice, allah ykhalleekom laba3ad 🙂

  33. 7ala yes way it is me thank you v m.

  34. Very nice! God bless you two:)
    Thanks for the wise words!
    (nice to meet you, my first time here! 🙂

  35. k-chan thank you and welcome any time.

  36. Wallah you are something, ya mhalwes!!!

    I am coming just to read this post!!! May Allah bless you and your wonderful family 🙂

  37. Fantasia1982 ya hala any time.

  38. Wow ,, Very Nice Really 🙂
    allah y7fazkum la ba3ad 🙂

  39. vagueraz thank you.

  40. LOL! Looking back now … I think I had to change my mind!
    Damn man you have a good memory!

  41. Happy for you sam.

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