Posted by: hamede | August 1, 2007

Democracy the jordanian way.

amman-elachen1.jpgElectio, fraud people are mad.mansaf1.jpg



  1. Here’s an interesting piece of information about the Jordanian democracy during the municipality’s elections:
    Meat, rice and jameed consumption was increased, according to the media, by 25% due to the elections season.
    Wallah I love being Jordanian and I’m proud of it, but definitely these practices are irrational, they reflect no transparency or democracy 😦

  2. Jerusalem it is sad to see how our democracy is.

  3. 😦 at the news, but 😀 at Mansaf

  4. Wonders sahtain.

  5. Hamede, Wen el ras? Ya mansaf mazboo6 ya ma bal3ab 😀

  6. Mohanned hatha jaj ma fee ras,ba7besh be snobar.

  7. L3ad hath mesh mansaf, sheklo mansaf shamalati 😛

  8. Walah hatha al mawjood ELHAD WA ENTA SAKET.

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