Posted by: hamede | August 5, 2007

60 days vacation.

Hamede will be in vacation start on 9/1/07 to 11/1/07.

And today is my birthday, send me an e mail- We hear it,s the week of your birthday! Did you know that every year around your birthday the SUN returns to the exact position in the sky as it was the day you  born? how true that can be.



  1. Happy birthday Hamede!!! inshallah el 3omor kollo 🙂

    but 60 days vacation?!?! WOW that’s awesome … enjoy man!!

  2. Who-sane thank you.

  3. 1) Happy birthday. (By the way, I was the first to say happy birthday 3 days ago :))
    2) Nyyalak for the 2month vacation! Can I have your job? 🙂

  4. 60 days! i envy you man, Enjoy and happy B.Day

  5. Happy Birthday Hamede 🙂 3p2bal el 100
    cool, 6o days vacation, enjoy that is one looooong vacation .. i’m happy for u 🙂

  6. Qwaider thank you-no you can,t have my job.

  7. mohanned thank you.

  8. maioush thank you.

  9. hamedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    كل سنة و انت بخير و عقبال المية و يا رب يا رب تكون كلها سنين حلوة

    دعوة ولية ساععة مسوية

    اتمنى لك اجازة سعيدة بس هل معنى هذا انك ستتغيب؟
    مش عشان اشي عشيان بس سألو عن المناسف

  10. mala2e6 thank you katheer.
    I will be in and out.

  11. Hamede,
    Happy belated birthday!!! wish you many more.

  12. Summer thank you.


  14. Hy mais thank you.

  15. Happy birthday mate 🙂 Wishing you all the best

  16. Munther thank you v much.

  17. happy birthday, enjoy your vacation 🙂

  18. sel3 thanks.

  19. Kefak ya mhalwes 😀

    Happy birthday, bro 🙂 3o2bal ma tkoon dayman be se7a o 3afyeh ya rab 🙂 with your loved ones around you…

  20. Fantasia thank you wa hala walah.

  21. Whoops, almost missed this!! Happy birthday, and what a great way to celebrate for 60 days! Hope you got some really cute home-made cards and lots of affirmation from those who love you. And of course, God’s blessings kamaan.

    You’ll still blog, yea?

  22. Thank you kinzi have a good day.

  23. happy birthday….
    60 day vacation…lucky!

  24. Sam thank you.

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