Posted by: hamede | August 11, 2007

Q What are the three types of men.

Q. What are the three types of men?

A. The handsome, the caring, and the majority.



  1. Haha..
    and that is wha’s killing us..
    “The Majority”

  2. how about the women?

  3. LOL! 😀

  4. witty 🙂

  5. OMG!! 🙂 loooooooooooool

  6. Citizen n welcome to halwasat.

  7. Maher welcome-working on it.

  8. Maioush yep.

  9. mkilany thank you.

  10. Wonders you like ha.

  11. And the ones who succeed in their marriages and have the upper hand are the majority, since they’re not caring, Looooooooooooool

  12. Jerusalem smart.

  13. Ya3ni badawar 3ala ibra fe koom ash?!!!
    caring and loyal..
    are ibra now !!

  14. Rasha la fee nas, but you have to have a good luck, any way good luck Rasha bad3elek da2eman walah.

  15. Except the the majority of bloggers…caring and handsome!

  16. Thank you kinzi.

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