Posted by: hamede | August 24, 2007

I have been tagged by mala2e6.

i been tagged by mala2e6.

Tag rules.

* Link back the person who tagged you.

* Tag 3 bloggers at least.

* You can use any language you want.

* Using photos is an aption.

1- smell of jordan.

2- my kids.

3- Coffee sada.

4- Falafel.

5- Pipe tobacco.

I tagge,fantasia,secratea,the drivel of 2 bahrainis.



  1. No. 4, frankly, if shawerma wasn’t banned in jordan would you still say falafel?

  2. nice smells 🙂

    Pipe tobacco ? hmm do u ?

  3. Sel3 yes.

  4. Qabbani no i dont i just like the smell of it.

  5. hamede thanks for answering the tag and not fashelling me..i love the smell of pupe and cigars but i found out that their smell is much better than their taste(i had to find out ya3ni)

    as for jordan..i was once away for moe than a year and i remember how it felt when i came back..i missed even the smell of dust here..

    God bless ur kids hamede.:)

  6. mala2e6 you welcome, alah yejbor be 5atrek.

  7. Thanks buddy for tagging me 😀 I will do it today enshallah 🙂

    I loved what you have said ” I love my kids smell”… wow 7ameedi 🙂

  8. Fantasia you welcome and thank you.

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