Posted by: hamede | August 30, 2007

8 peoples got poison by kunafa in 3ain al basha


It is not falafel or shawermah it is kunafa, in jordan if you want to stay a life do not eate any thing.



  1. MAN! the day before yesterday , i ate chicken from a resturant in Rabyeh. when i woke up i threw up the next day i had to go to a hospital because my tempreture reached 39.5
    at the hospital there was atleast 10 people with the same conditions as me.

    Now everthing has a virus in it!
    as you said! dont eat anything!

  2. 3an jad this is getting scary, people can’t eat anything no more!!!

  3. 😀 good , i dont eat Kunafa much so its ok :p

  4. maher salamtak eat at home.

  5. maioush 3an jad walah.

  6. Qabbani good for you.

  7. o no….i guess i’ll be cooking alot these day…well im not a knafa fan…so it is ok:)

  8. Ya sam the best is to eate at home.

  9. soooo true … don’t eat anything bedalak 3aiesh .. paradox raheeb

  10. Sweetlikearose thanks.

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