Posted by: hamede | September 3, 2007

2 Amman restaurants receive approval to resume chicken shawerma sales.


Do you think people will buy it.



  1. I would!!it was unfair to shut them all in the first place..however, I passed by Faris today..his shawerma was tiny, although it is usually humongous..thats a very good law to ensure well cooking by the way, but there was no one buying..

  2. Ya3ni, I understand that the government has overlooked in the past, but supposivley if it gave approval to 2 restaurants, this means they’re safe and ok. Logically, some new regulations were issued and old policies changed..
    Well to be honest, I mean hopefully and not logically 😦

    BTW, wallah jay 3ala bali shawerma jaj ya hamede 😀

  3. I don’t eat shawerma…and don’t eat chicken

  4. 2 weeks zaman and they’ll be back in business

    People have short memories….actually it would taste better, the secret ingredient is……

    What happened is that the Bag3a dude had too many customers, so they didn’t take their time, and I’m almost sure people were yelling at him (ween el gharath???????)

    Chicken takes more time than lahmeh

  5. Please quickly give me the names of the two restaurants! I went yesterday to check on Day3a and Karam, still they are selling meat only.

  6. bilal one of them is Faris.

  7. Salam wow you did buy one.

  8. Jerusalem mesh 5ayfa ya3nee.

  9. firas, true i agroo with you.

  10. bilal man you sound like you are mudmen 3aliha.

  11. nooo more shawerma for me… bas why those resturants only? O_o

  12. Maher hi wasta bass meshan alah la tejeeb serah ma 7ada be3ref.

  13. yes i will 🙂
    meshta2a kter elha .. sa7ee7 5ayfe bas enshallah ma btetkarar la2enhom 5alas a36o mowafaqa ya3ne elwade3 enshallah se7e w moraqab w tamam
    :: wa7ad bestana 3la eldoor::

  14. Sweetlikerose tayep mashee.

  15. Listen you know why I’m not so scared, my brother told me yesterday about the very strict regulations the government is imposing on shawerma restaurants, so hopefully, they did it finally, i.e. the MOH finally is activating its authority…

  16. Hopefully.

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