Posted by: hamede | September 4, 2007

I will be back on 11/ 1/ 2007.

See you good people in sha2 alah.



  1. hamede .. ta7sheesh abu el 7ameer just read the comments :)))

    where to ya zalameh ??! anyways take good care o all the best to ur wonderful soul ..

  2. Mais thank you i am on vacation for 60 days, yes 60 DAYS.

  3. 60 days ya muftari :p

    enjoy 🙂

    im so jealous 😦

  4. Where is you vacation, Amman??
    Ahlan Wasahlan ahead, nawwarat 😉
    3njad, shofet keef abu el7ameer 3ajab mais, perfect classification ya Mais 😀

  5. mo ma tez3al raye7 ajeblak eshe zakeeee.

  6. Jerusalem, amman my be.
    Abu al 7ameer hada be janen.

  7. 🙂

  8. Qabbani i got you.

  9. hope to see you sooon :>
    enjoy the vacation ;>

  10. Maher thank you my man.

  11. I thought you were going back in time! January 11, 2007 😉

    Enjoy your vacation!

  12. Luai January 2008 enta mahbool wala eshee, la la ana 3erefet enta mahbool.

  13. be back hamede, don’t leave us for so long 😉

  14. yallah beltawfee2 ya rab .. have fun and enjoy ur vacation

  15. secratea i will not thank you.

  16. Sweetlikearose thank you vm.

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