Posted by: hamede | September 5, 2007


24 people got poisoned in irbed for unknown reasons.



  1. aha?

  2. Now it’s unknown. I guess you can take your pick of the following:

  3. that is so wierd.. do you think somebody was selling chicken shawerma in secret? 😀

  4. Will they ban Falafel this time?

  5. Will they ban Falafel or what now?

  6. شاااااااااااااااااااااااااااايف؟؟
    ظهر الحق وزهق الباطل .. اتهمو الشورما .. شايف كيف طلع الحق مو على الشورما؟؟ هادا عشان ترجع الشورما وشو ما عملولها ما حيوفوها حقها بعد هالظلم .. بس جد من شو تسممو؟؟ انا بحكيلك : ببساطة؟؟ عيشة بتسم البدن 🙂

  7. ya3ni poisoned from shawerma chicken and kenafeh I got it, but I’ve never heard of a dish called “unknown reasons” 😉
    Email me the recepie when you find it please 😀

  8. Listen, my brother was in Day3a yesterday when the Health Inspector came to check if the procedures of granting the restaurant the license of shawerma chicken are being applied and the conditions are fulfilled.
    By the way they failed, and one of the guys in the restaurant called somebody in the MOH immediately so the Health Inspector was like: “man, he already called you, tell him to fix his restaurant and follow the rules first” 🙂

  9. Huh? No more info?

  10. The dr in irbed hospitol saying it is not KOLERA,I hope not.

  11. o b3dain me hal dala3 🙂 y3ne kol youm wella wa7ad gaym bgool b6ne bm3’9ne , ya 3mmi ma b9eer haik, lazm nkon ( ALWA7) mn haik 🙂

    ana bgool enno el 7agg 3l sh3b el ordoni elle ga3ed bz3j el 7komeh ( el rasheedeh ) o wzaaret hal 9a77a kol youm, wallahi 7raam

    ai K. O. haik 7koomeh ya rajol

  12. Hala 3ammi, hala walah did you hear about the 50 camels.

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