Posted by: hamede | September 12, 2007

On more time, A blogger for the parliament.

I did this post back in march.
Falafel for your thought.



  1. 🙂

    benfa3 ana bel paliament?

    wish you a blessed Ramadan.

  2. Ya benfa3 laish la3,thank you like wise.

  3. which parliament???

  4. SWeetlikearose, baala 3an jad bete7kee.

  5. i doubt that it affects… blogger or not a blogger

  6. Wonders, how you make a different if you dont try.

  7. kol 3am o inta bi 1000 khair and all ur family and loved ones *

  8. Hamede i meant eno ma da5al eza kan blogger aw l2, y3ne naja7o aw fashalo mo mertabet bl blogs.

  9. Wonders: i got you.

  10. really 3na ai wa7ad?? elreal one???

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