Posted by: hamede | September 18, 2007


37 years ago my mom beat my ass for something I did wrong.  So I called her (Yel3an Abooke) she looked at me with tears in her eyes, “You called my father a name?” Since that day my mom, god bless her soul, forgave me 500 times, but why everytime I think about it I cry? Even though she forgave me 500 times.



  1. In my book, her mistake is much worse than yours. There’s no excuse for hitting children. So forgive her !

  2. […] you may or may not be aware, I am not very fond of children. However I dwelled on this post by Hamede. He was feeling guilty because he swore at his mother’s father when she hit him as […]

  3. I think because you have become a father yourself…
    don’t be hard on yourself….

  4. ouch… that hurts… reminds us of our mistakes with tears in OUR eyes…

  5. Because you love her so. Maybe try forgiving yourself :), I think you learned your lesson.

  6. Nobody knows about guilt like I do..
    She forgave you, she said to you many times.. may be you are still upset with yourself for saying what you said.. Don’t let this torture have to be at peace with it 🙂

  7. I hear you.
    Be well my friend 🙂

  8. It’s because of your personality, it seems you do not accept mistakes or failure, so how about a mistake with your adorable mom!

  9. Hani: it is not like that,what she did was for my good, iam not mad at her iam mad at my self.

  10. Jumana: i feel pain every time i think of it.

  11. mkilany: i feel you.

  12. Kinzi: words, thank you.

  13. Noura: thank you for your comment i am working on it.

  14. Rasha: thank you.

  15. Jerusalem: thank you.

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