Posted by: hamede | September 27, 2007

Please read

Some one i know,last night made some bad comments on blogs from my own lap top,he deleted my blog roll, i don’t know what other things he did.

AM sorry every one who got a bad comment by my name,thank you.



  1. Did you try to remove your self from Qwaider Planet?

  2. Qwaider no i did not.

  3. nth happen here

  4. wow what a zinikh person..why would he do such a thing…

  5. Qabbani al hamdullah.

  6. Sam. the man work for me he lost his job today.

  7. Yikes, that’s why we have a termination policy at work.

    People’s access must be revoked even before you tell them they’re fired. Their stuff should be waiting for them when they come in along with the security guard.

  8. hani owech he lost 1200$ a week job.

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