Posted by: hamede | April 8, 2008

This is bad.

ksa11 years old  kid from hayil KSA is getting married.



  1. Yes it is

  2. Oh did not know you did a post on that one.

  3. Why is it bad hamede?
    It’s just another syndrome of the embedded retardation.. Just like the stupid female teens in the malls walking waving their horse tails in order for males to notice them, just like not being hired in certain organizations cause you were 7ejab, just like graduate studies’ teachers acting worse than a 1920sth sheikh teaching in a kottab!!!
    I don’t see any difference sara7a, just these are symptoms of the real problem (retardation) in our societies, or maybe it attracted people cause as usual, anything that happens in KSA is attacked, to prove that they provide a very nasty about Islam, and people end up taking advantage of the situation and finding excuses to stay moderately away from religion 😦

  4. I meant to prove that they provide a very nasty image about Islam, i.e. they’re not what they stand for.

  5. yeh sad..they do not know know what they are getting into…although it is as weird that my friend’s 15yo son who was born and lives in canada is engaged to a 13 or 14yo in jordan he has never met…

  6. 7aram ya nass.

  7. alhaboob 200 marrah.

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