Posted by: hamede | August 12, 2008

What is it?

Q- The maker doesn,t want it, the buyer doesn,t use it, and the user doesn,t see it, what is it?


  1. The coffin

  2. or Lingerie 🙂

  3. Viagra

  4. I agree with Qwaider

  5. a fart.

  6. I agree with Qwaider and Jerusalem.

  7. Serwal Mlawan by Giorgio Hameede !

  8. Ok Qwaider won the cheesburger, jerusalem and alhaboob get the french fries.

  9. Sharifo thats a good one,serwal mlawan alah ya3teek 7ata yerdeek.

  10. بطاطا؟! مالها البطاطا ممتازة مادامها ببلاش وعلى رأي المثل: “اللي ببلاش كتر منو”.

  11. 3al batata al batata ya 3aine 3al batata faterni 5oubez wa zitoon wa 3asheni batata ta3eesh al batata ta3eesh ta3eesh ta3eesh.

  12. Lyrics by Hamede and the music must be composed by…. guess who?
    Abu el ba6a6a Sharifo, he he he 😀

  13. Ya but the music must be composed by Abed hamdan. sheno albatata ma elo 3elaga be al music.

  14. LOL!!! ta7sheesh into 🙂

    Tab khalleeha msakhan or Mansaf!

  15. Qwaider betmoon ya lemoon.

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