Posted by: hamede | November 2, 2008

School Boots Boy Over Jesus Costume

Nov. 1) – School officials in Paramus, N.J., weren’t impressed when a student chose to pose as the Chosen One on Halloween.

Alex Woinski, 13, told WCBS-TV he was inspired to dress up as Jesus Christ because his friends say his shoulder-length brown hair makes him resemble the prophet. The teen completed the getup with sandals, a robe, a fake beard, a sash and thorns.

Alex Woinski
Woinksi Family Photo

The principal of West Brook Middle School said Alex Woinski’s costume was a distraction to other students.

The principal of West Brook Middle School said that the boy was sent home because the costume was disruptive to other students. “Children were [asking], where is the boy who is Jesus Christ?” principal Joan Broe told WCBS-TV. “It was disrupting the education process.”
Alex said school officials told him the costume was “offensive to some students.”
Alex, whose mother is Catholic and father is Jewish, has developed an interest in religion, according to WCBS-TV. He recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.
“I think the whole freedom of speech and expression has definitely had a damper put on it, and this is proof of that,” said Kim Woinski, Alex’s mother.
Alex went trick-or-treating as Jesus on Friday night.
Get the full story from WCBS-TV.


  1. Ya lateef. I’m sure the teeny-boppers dressing like whores wasn’t a distraction?

  2. Back when I went to school in Jerusalem I used to see people dressed like jesus at least once a month!

    If the school didn’t allow haloween costumes, that was one thing, but why pick on this one.

    I used to always go as a clown!

  3. Its halloween, a time to be creative. and its a costume just like any other costume. why not get offended when a child wears a devil!

  4. lol am just tempted to ask abdallah if he would say the same thing if the kid was dressed as Mohammed PBUH

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