Posted by: hamede | May 11, 2009

Let’s all be a part of an International Campaign against killing of women in the name of honour

The statistics of the last ten years have shown that the Arab and the Islamic countries in the Middle East are in the frontline when it comes to the violation of the rights of women, using violence against them, and more dangerously and sadly murdering women on the pretext of combating the family’s and tribe’s honour. Some male members of some families are justifying this cowardly action and uncivilized crime against women by accusing them of being involved in an illegal sexual intercourse or love affair, which are considered as a great and intolerable taboo. Surprisingly, some narrow-minded men in these countries are even disrespecting and undermining the role of civil law and putting themselves in the position of judges and making a deadly judgment on the life of innocent women.

We call upon the International Community, women organizations, human rights organizations, civil society organizations and all the political parties that are concerned with the rights of women and their struggle for equality with men and basic rights in the Arab World and the Middle East to:

• Condemn the committing of these cowardly and immoral crimes and using violence against women. Show your solidarity with women’s campaigns against these crimes that are committed against them on a daily basis.

• Ask and put a pressure on all the governments in both the Middle East and North Africa to put an end to these unjustified violations of women s rights by uprooting their causes in local communities.

• Abolish laws that could contribute to facilitate the use of violence against women, and apply the severest punishments on those who are committing and encouraging these crimes

• Set up committees to defend women s rights and protect them against violence and killing, and build up special houses for sheltering the women who live in a vulnerable condition with their families.

• Demand that all Arab and the Islamic countries adhere to International Conventions that advocate the protection of the rights of women. The conventions should be respected and be taken into the consideration and be a part of local laws.

The Progressive Centre for Studies and Research on women’s affairs and their equality is aiming at making this campaign as global as possible; it is looking forward to making it a new starting point for sharing your proposals and activities that could show solidarity with women and benefit their struggle for equal rights. Your contributions and activities on behalf of women should stand against the policies of the governments that tolerate these atrocities.

Progressive Centre for Women Equalization Studies and Research

To sign the English related campaign , please click

To sign the Arabic related campaign , please click
الحملة العالمية لمناهضة ومنع – جرائم الشرف sharef2



  1. Hamede, I can’t wait to look into this! Thanks for posting!!!

  2. Some good new laws coming up in Jordan to protect women and children.

  3. kinzi.
    Look here

  4. T
    I hope.

  5. Thanks for the post. So nice to hear the voices coming together on this topic.

  6. MommaBean.
    Thank you.

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