Posted by: hamede | August 11, 2009

هل أنت مع سحب السلاح من كل الشعب الاردني أم لأ




  1. Of course i am, Not anyone should have a gun between his hands, That is a move that should have been taken long time ago.

    Does a horrific incident have to happen for the gov to realize that no weapons should be allowed between normal citizens who simply don’t need it !

    Too late, But good that it happened.

  2. انا مع سحب كل الشعب الاردني

  3. Ali Thank you.

  4. mala2e6.
    Thank you.

  5. أكيد وضروري ينسحب
    أكبر مثال حالياً قرية الطيبة منع تجول والناس عم بتطخ على الشرطة
    في تمرد
    لو حرب بيحكي الواحد، بس بنستخدمه لنطخ بعض 😦

  6. Thank you Husam.

  7. Yes.

    Its like carrying a knife at school, there is no need for it since there is a proper authority that can handle the problems, plus it will bring only make more problems.

  8. Thank you Nizar.

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