Posted by: hamede | February 28, 2008

Splendor is in the Memories

The beauteous yesterday is fading away like a blushed twilight, though nothing can bring back the hours of sweet treasured past, i will grieve not, but rather find splendor in the memories.

*I lost my dad in Jan 22,rahmat alah 3alik yaba.being part of you is a treasures.



  1. Alla yer7amu w yer7amna.

    welcome back 🙂

  2. Since my dad had 2 heart attacks, I’ve been dreading losing him for more than 14 years now. I hope I keep dreading.

    Nice to have you back !

  3. Dear Hamede, you’ve been really missed.
    Allah yer7am waldak oo yorzoqo bedo3a2ak afdal manazel alganna.
    I feel you brother.
    memories are the stars that will always shine with their beautiful warm presence in our hearts.
    May allah bless you.

  4. Allay yer7amo w yej3al maskano el janneh ya rabb..
    It is hard to accept the death of a parent but think of how lucky you were to have him around for as long as you did..
    Allah yer7amna jami3an..

  5. Allah yir7amo ou yij3al ma2wah il janneh …

    Good to see you are back:)

  6. Hamede, thanks so much for letting us share in your grief. May you carry on his character, and bless another generation with what he has blessed you.

  7. allah yer7amo we yer7amna we yej3al ma2wah el jannah…

    welcome back

  8. I am so sorry for your loss…3lba3eya b7yatak…allah yer7amo!

  9. Thank you all,God bless you.

  10. Allah yer7amo o yej3al ma2wa el janneh.
    Allah ygawweek.

  11. Inna Lillah .. wa inna elayhi raj3oon.
    Ra7mat allah 3alaih

  12. I want to apologize for that “smile” in my first comment…I missunderstood the post.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  13. Mohanned,Qwaider,Jumana,Thank you- wa barak alah beekum.

  14. Allah yer7amo o ysaberkom hamede

  15. enna lelah o enna elayhe raje3oon ,allah yer7amo o ysaberkom!

  16. Wonders,Maioush-Thank you,shakar alah sa3yakum.

  17. Hamede,
    May your dad’s soul rest in peace. Allah yer7amo.

  18. secratea,thank you wa barak alh beeke.

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